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Choose from any of the insurance services we offer and you can get a fast, free, and instant insurance quote. You'll get the opportunity to view and choose the best plan that is tailored for your needs at the price you deserve. Our process is fast taking less than 1 minute!

Experience the difference in service!  Just we want you to know that we give highest priority to our clients to find them the best rate for the hard money that they have earned.  We are an A+ rated independent agency listed with the Better Business Bureau and have over 40 agents with over 10 years of experience in helping individuals, families and their business including small groups to find affordable health, life, home, auto and business insurance.

We carry many insurance carriers in multiple States  including Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, California, Texas and other states.  a sample list of companies will be Blue Cross and Blue Shields, Celtic, Assurance Health, Aeneas, Human, The Hartford, Travelers, Safeco, The Hallmark, Infinity Auto Insurance, First Chicago Insurance Company, American Access Casualty, KAI, UCC, Unique insurance company, Seneca, to name a few.

We are open to our clients 24/7/365 without any holiday break But for quoting from 9 AM to 6 PM during the business week.  Some of our quotes can be viewed on line 24/7/365.

Please feel free to browse here in our site or at

http://www.worldinsurancegroup.com/ or

http://www.1-autoinsurance.com/  or

come again as we change our info on line very often and you may be surprised to see the savings not like any other insurance agency.

As an independent agent with experience and insurance products, we are not limited to offer one line of insurance.  This means the most compatible rates can be found by us!


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